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Replacing Pesticides With Genetics

Aug 31, 2015
Every spring, a host of unwelcome visitors descends on the Hansen farm in upstate New York. Diamondback moths blown in from the South threaten rows of cabbages to be sold for slaw and sauerkraut. Read more

Organic biocontrols bust pests

Aug 26, 2015
“Soil insecticides were effective, but costly, time-consuming, didn’t cure the problem and are no longer an option,”Rulfs explains. “Adult control with foliar insecticide is ineffective.”  That’s why Rulfs Orchard was the first berry farm to test a biocontrol protocol developed by Cornell University entomologist Elson Shields. 
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Genetically modified diamondback moth offers pest control hope

Aug 10, 2015
"Diamondback is a serious problem for farmers in New York State and around the world – anywhere cruciferous vegetables and field crops are grown," he said. "These moths invade and attack the crops, and they are developing resistance to insecticides, so we urgently need new tools to better control them." Read more