Andrew Landers

Andrew Landers

Senior Extension Associate

514 Barton Lab, NYSAES, Geneva
(315) 787-2429

I lead the application technology group.My responsibilities include 10% teaching, 60% extension/outreach, 30% research. My primary role is to provide effective leadership and take administrative responsibility for a team of researchers to enable them to conduct research/extension and develop educational packages via lectures, papers, fact sheets and multi-media to improve pesticide application in the State of New York and the North-East of the USA.The pesticide application technology group comprises a multi-disciplinary team of entomologists, plant pathologists, human ecologists and engineers. Within the engineering group I employ technicians, writers, illustrators, research associates and post doc. researchers.

Research Focus

To develop methods to improve deposition within the canopy and reduce off-target drift. Research includes the factors affecting airflow, speed and direction within the canopy. To develop new methods to apply pesticides precisely such as the use of GPS, GIS, RFID etc and improve traceability and management of sprayers.

Alternatives to spraying pesticides are also studied such as hot water/foam and mechanical methods. We also research engineering methods to reduce operator contamination and environmental pollution.

Outreach and Extension Focus

The use of engineering methods to optimise pesticide use, improve deposition and reduce drift. To develop new methods to assist growers apply pesticides whilst reducing environmental pollution and operator contamination.

To show growers via field demonstrations, workshops and conference presentations how to monitor pesticide use, air direction and droplet penetration.

To show growers novel and interesting methods of applying pesticides precisely. I wish to inspire growers to adopt new technology.

To improve the construction and use of existing crop sprayers.

To use interesting methods for teaching engineering science in an applied manner for farmers and growers.

Teaching Focus

The use of engineering methods to optimize pesticide use on fruit and vegetables is the goal of my program at Cornell and I endeavour to transmit my enthusiasm for this goal to the students I teach. My focus is to illustrate good and poor practices to students, via a global view of application techniques via an interesting, challenging and exciting syllabus.