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Pollinator Health Research Fund

Over the past decade, researchers and beekeepers have become increasingly aware of declines in pollinator health. In the eastern US alone, 53 wild bee species are experiencing population declines, and annual honey bee colony deaths in the US consistently exceed losses that are economically sustainable for beekeepers. Research into the issues facing today’s pollinators is critical for understanding and reversing declines in pollinator health.

Cornell University is a global leader in pollinator research. We are elucidating the roles that wild and managed pollinators play in natural and agricultural settings, and the variety of factors related to declines. Factors we are investigating include, but are not limited to, habitat, nutrition, pesticides, disease, climate change, and management practices.

Your donation to the Pollinator Health Research Fund will support the continuation and growth of new pollinator health research projects, and will also help us raise awareness about pollinator health through public outreach, speaking engagements, workshops, and other extension avenues.


We are truly grateful for your gift.