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What's Bugging You?

Identification is the first step in practicing IPM. If you can find out what your pest is, then you can learn how to manage it. 

Cornell University Insect Diagnostic Laboratory (IDL)

Do you have an insect problem, and want to know what it is, or more about it?  At Cornell’s Department of Entomology the Insect Diagnostic Lab can help identify insects and related arthropods, and provide management suggestions if needed. There is a $25 fee, for samples or photos submitted to the lab for an ID; these funds allow the Lab to remain open.

Do you already know what you have, or want more information?  We have a number of factsheets available.  Please feel free to take a look for descriptions and control recommendations.

New York State Integrated Pest Management (NYS-IPM)

Pest Identification Center for Household Pests in the Northeast US

Have you ever wondered about the creepy-crawlies you may see in your home? Many of them are harmless, but others may infest your flour, chew your clothes, or even bite or sting you.