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Grad Student Spotlight

Brandon Everhart

Brandon Everhart

Research Interests: My field of interest is ecology as it applies to decomposition and forensic entomology and I am applying as an MS student in Entomology. I am fascinated by all aspects of vertebrate decomposition and the arthropods associated with the process. As an undergrad at Cornell I have worked with Dr. Shields on a project in association with Colorado Mesa University’s Forensic Investigation Research Station to better understand the necrophagous and saprophagous fauna associated with cadavers in semi-arid environments. Dr. Shields and I are hoping to continue and expand this project by conducting experiments into how desiccation can impact the succession of insects on a cadaver.

Ashley Jernigan

Research Interests: “I am interested in exploring how soil fauna can be managed to increase crop production while improving soil health. I hope to develop our understanding of the relationships between soil properties, mesofauna communities, and plant growth."