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Grad Student Spotlight

Annika Salzberg

Research Interests:  As an agroecologist, my research centers around landscape ecology and the effect of landscape simplification on insect body size, abundance, and diversity - and subsequently how these factors affect crop damage and yields. I’m passionate about connecting growers and researchers to produce useful science, and love doing educational outreach for the general public!

Kate Browning

Research Interests:  I am a PhD student in Dr. Brian Lazzaro's lab studying host-microbe interactions in Drosophila melanogaster. Currently, I am interested in the molecular mechanisms that are involved in mounting an immune response against bacterial pathogens as well as the crosstalk between different signalling pathways in the fly. While I am a molecular biologist by training, I am excited to be studying entomology and use cellular and tissue-specific findings as clues to how tradeoffs are made and how it affects the overall health and function of an organism.