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Grad Student Spotlight

Silas Bossert

Research Interests:
"I am an evolutionary biologist specialized in the biology of bees. I study the natural history of bees and wasps as a grad student in Bryan Danforth's lab. My research includes methodological studies on bioinformatics of phylogenomics and next generation sequence data. I also work on less code-intensive empirical studies, like the reconstruction of the evolutionary history of the large sweat bee subfamily Nomiinae. These are pretty cool and understudied bees!
I hold a Master's degree in Zoology from the University of Vienna, where I studied the phylogeny and ecology of the Bombus lucorum complex under supervision of Harald Krenn."

Grad Student Spotlight

Jamie Freeman

Research Interest: I am applying as a M.S. student under Dr. Jeff Scott.  I am interested broadly in the diversity of insects and the genetics that underpin the evolution of this diversity.  As a strong potential driver of evolution, insecticide pressure is an interesting system for answering theoretical evolutionary questions with a practical bent that is very attractive to me.  I hope to work further exploring the molecular basis of insecticide resistance in Thrips tabaci, but also have interest in the well-explored system of the house fly.