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Grad Student Spotlight

Bretta Hixson

Research Interests: I am interested in studying major disease vectors, especially Aedes and Anopheles mosquitos, from the standpoint of cell and molecular biology.  I am applying to the Entomology Field because I want to cultivate broad expertise in insect physiology and phylogeny, and I am interested in pursuing projects that will translate previous work in Drosophila into studies of mosquitos.  If I am admitted to Cornell’s PhD program in entomology, I plan to work under the guidance of Dr. Buchon to adapt his FACS/transcriptomic system to study midgut biology and host/microbe interactions in Aedes mosquitos.

Anna Giesmann

Research Interests: My goal is to promote healthy plant populations through integrated pest management, whether it be in a greenhouse or forest setting. I am applying to Cornell for the MS in Entomology program, and have spoken with Dr. Sanderson about exploring more effective biological control for greenhouse pests such as thrips and aphids. I am especially interested in studying the life cycle and behavior of beneficial species, in order to better incorporate them into IPM programs.