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Forensic Entomology Graduate Student Opportunity:

The Shields’ lab is looking to recruit an interested graduate student (M.S. or Ph.D) to work in two different locations in Colorado.  The first location is the Forensic Investigation Research Station located in Grand Junction, CO which was established in 2012 (altitude 4600 ft).  The second location is newly established in Park Co. at 9300 ft altitude.  Decomposition of human remains is studied at both locations with a focus on assisting law enforcement.  These are the only locations in the Western US to study human decomposition and research at these locations applies to a 10 state area.  Both research locations are managed by Colorado Mesa University and research will be conducted in cooperation with Dr. Melissa Connor, Director of FIRS.  Course work and Degree will be from Cornell University. 

Research areas may include insect development and insect succession at both of these locations.

Questions?  Email Elson Shields,

Graduate admission applications must be completed by December 1.