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Awards and Honors



Alan Liang: CALS Academic Excellence Award, Highest GPA in Entomology

Ben Burgunder: Outstanding Undergraduate TA Awards

Nina Divine: Outstanding Undergraduate TA Awards

Sabrina Celis: Senior Honor's Theses

William Kandalaft: Senior Honor's Theses

Olivia Miller: Senior Honor's Theses

Chang Chen: Senior Honor's Theses

Zoe Kim: Senior Honor's Theses

Nadya Kandel (Dec 2020): Senior Honor's Theses



Graduate Students

Matthew Barrett: Honorable Mention, NSF-GRFP

Rey Cotto: Chapman Fellowship

Drea Darby: Exemplary Service Award, Early Career

Kara Fikrig: CALS Outstanding Graduate TA Award, People's Choice Award, 3 Minute Thesis Competition

Jamie Freeman: ESA's Fitch Award for Outstanding Research, Teaching and Service during her MS

Megan Gallager: NSF-GRFP

Leland Graber: NSF-GRFP

Ashley Jernigan: Gyrisco Award

Laura Martinez (new admit): NSF-GRFP


Faculty and Academic Staff

Anurag Agrawal: National Academy of Sciences

Bryan Danforth: Association of American Publisher's Award

Laura Harrington: Donald Burgett Distiguished Advisor Award

Corrie Moreau: Fellow, ESA; Faculty Champion Award for DEI work

Tony Shelton: International IPM Lifetime Achievement Award of Excellence

Jennifer Thaler: Senior Faculty Champion