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Awards and Honors


Student and Post Doc Awards:

  • Leticia Smith - Awarded the 2018 American Chemical Society Award.
  • Leticia Smith- Was awarded the 2018 American Committee of Entomology Young Investigator Award.
  • Ashley Leach-Was awarded the Department of Entomology Paul J. Chapman Graduate Student Fellowship for 2018-2019.
  • Matt Boucher—First place for his 10-minute talk in the Plant-Insect Ecosystems, Vectors of Plant Diseases section titled, “Identifying and detailing the role of insects in the  spread of Erwinia amylovora, a devastating disease of rosaceous crops”.  Kerik Cox and Greg Loeb were co-authors.
  • Kristen Brochu – First place for her 10-minute talk in the Plant-Insect Ecosystems, General Ecology 2 section titled, “Microbial communities in ground-nesting bee brood cells:  Diverse, stable, and unique”.  Bryan Danforth was a co-author.
  • Laura Figueroa – First place for her 10-minute talk in the Plant-Insect Ecosystems, Pollination 1 section titled, “Pathogen transmission among bees through shared floral resources:  The role of flower species and pathogen placement”.  Lynn Adler, Rebecca Irwin, Cali Grincavitch, Emilia Mann, Lucy Metz, Amy Zhao and Scott McArt were co-authors.
  • Zoe Getman-Pickering – First place for her poster in the Plant-Insect Ecosystems, Chemical Ecology and Climate Change section titled, “The role of mycorrhizae and nutrient availability in plant-herbivore interactions”.  Jennifer Thaler was a co-author.
  • Maxwell Helmberger-- named a winner in the Plant-Insect Ecosystems section Pollinator Video Contest and an honorable mention in the ESA-wide YouTube Your Entomology Video contest. 
  • Ashley Leach – First place for her poster in the Virtual Poster: Plant-Insect Ecosystems section titled, “Evaluating major sources of iris yellow spot virus in New York”.  Marc Fuchs, Riley Harding, Rebecca Schmidt-Jeffris, and Brian Nault were co-authors.
  • Ricardo Perez-Alvarez - First place for his 10-minute talk in the Plant-Insect Ecosystems, Biological Control, Predators section titled, “Delivery of pest control services is mediated by the  functional composition of predator communities”.  Anthony Polyakov and Katja Poveda were co-authors.
  • Erin Krichilsky – Second place for her 10-minute talk in the Plant-Insects Ecosystems, Miscellaneous section titled, “Taking inventory:  Drivers of the bee associated fungi (Genus: Asocsphaera) in the solitary mason bee, Osmia cornifrons.  Heather Grab, Mary Centrella and Bryan Danforth were co-authors.
  • Danielle Rutkowski – First place for her poster in the Plant-Insects Ecosystems, Ecology section titled, “The effects of jasmonic acid and mycorrhizal species on the nutrition, defense, and mycorrhizal colonization of Solanum lycopersicum”.  Zoe Getman-Pickering and Jennifer Thaler were co-authors.
  • Natalie Bray awarded the 2017 Villani Award.The Villani Award is a stipend given annually to a Geneva-based graduate student. The award is named in honor of Dr. Mike Villani who had a very active research program in soil arthropod ecology
  • Ashley Leach recently named this years recipient of the Gyrisco Student Award. This award is given to students who have been outstanding in research and who are excellent Department citizens. 
  • Jeffrey Scott recently received the Faculty Excellence in Undergraduate Research Mentoring, Nominated by Undergraduates in the CollegeJeffrey Scott, Entomology
  • Dr. Katja Poveda recently accepted the CALS Young Faculty Teaching Excellence Award at the Deans Award Dinner.
  • Erin Krichilsky recently won Best Poster in Behavioral and Ecological Biology at the Cornell Undergraduate Research Board Spring Forum.
  • Katherine Ruth Urban-Mead was recently awarded the 2017 Bollar Research Award.


Student and Post Doc Awards:

  • Kristen Brochu was recently awarded second place in the 2016 Entomological Society of America’s Student Competition for Oral Competition: Ecology and Population Dynamics. 
  • Heather Grab was awarded first place in the 2016 Entomological Society of America’s Student Competition for Oral Competition: Apidology, Sericulture, and Social Insects as well as the John Henry Comstock Graduate Student Award for Eastern Branch.
  • Ashley Leach was recently awarded the 2016 Michael Villani Graduate Student Fellowship for the second year in a row.  She also won first place in the 2016 Entomological Society of America’s Student Competition for Oral Competition: Integrated Pest Management and Sustainable Agriculture and received the Larry Larson Graduate student Award for Leadership in Applied Entomology. Ashley was also recently awarded first place in the student poster competition for her poster titled “Integrating nitrogen rate, onion cultivar, and insecticide program to optimize onion thrips management in onion”, by Ashley Leach, Steve Reiners, and Brian Nault.   Her poster was presented at the National Allium Research Conference that was held in Savannah, GA from Nov. 30 through Dec. 3. 
  • Ricardo Perez-Alvarez was recently awarded second place in the 2016 Entomological Society of America’s Student Competition for Oral Competition: Biological Control and Insect Pathology
  • Leticia Smith was awarded second place in the 2016 Entomological Society of America’s Student Competition for Oral Competition: Medical and Veterinary Entomology.
  • Leticia Smith was awarded the Daniel M Jobbins Scholarship from the New Jersey Mosquito Control Association for outstanding research on Pyrethroid resistance in Aedes aegypti.
  • Michael Wolfin was awarded the Paul J. Chapman Graduate Student Fellowship for 2016-2017. The award is based on three broad criteria: 1) scientific quality of research, 2) publications and presentations, and 3) involvement in professional activities.

Faculty Awards:

  • Jeff Scott was recently selected as an Entomological Society of America Policy Fellow
  • Scott McArt, Bryan Danforth, Jennifer Grant(NYS IPM), Emma Mullen, Maria Van Dyke, Mary Kate Wheeler, and Dan Wixted (PMEP program) received the 2017 CALS Outstanding Accoplishements in Extension and Outreach Awards
  • Kayja Poveda received the 2017 CALS Young Faculty Teaching Excellence Award
  • Jeff Scott received the 2017 CALS Faculty Excellence in Undergraduate Research Monitoring Award
  • Charlie Linn received the 2017 CALS Career Achievement Award
  • Kyle Wickings received the 2017 CALS Early Achievement Award
  • Greg Loeb received the 2017 CALS Outstanding research Award
  • Greg Loeb recently received the Award for Excellence in Integrated Pest Management at ESA
  • Linda Rayor was a finalist at ESA for the YouTube Your Entomology Stinger Awards for her video titled “Pollination: Trading Food for Fertilization in 3 Minutes”, created with Carol Jennings