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Awards and Honors

2011 - 2012

Outstanding Teaching Assistants:

  • Erin Morris

Department Awards:

  • Founders' Memorial Award:  Angela Douglas
  • Distinguished Scientist Award:  Ann Hajek
  • Outstanding Accomplishments in Extension/Outreach:  Arthur Agnello
  • Excellence in Integrated Pest Management (from NYS IPM):  Brian Nault
  • Entomological Foundation Award for Excellence in IPM:  Jennifer Grant
  • President's Prize (Entomological Society of America):  Susan Finkbeiner
  • ESA Distinguished Achievement Award in Teaching:  Laura Harrington
  • ESA Distinguished Achievement Award in Extension:  Don Rutz
  • L.O. Howard Award:  Tony Shelton
  • John Henry Comstock Award:  Sarah Jandricic
  • Paul J. Chapman Graduate Fellowship:  Sarah Jandricic
  • National Science Foundation Fellowship:  Jacqueline Dillard
  • George C. Gyrisco Student Award:  Mia Park

  Recent ESA Award Winners:

  • ESA Distinguished Achievement Award in Teaching - Dr. Laura Harrington, Associate Professor, Cornell University
  • ESA Distinguished Achievement Award in Extension - Dr. Donald Rutz, Professor, Cornell University
  • John Henry Comstock Award - Sarah Jandricic
  • Entomological Foundation Award for Excellence in IPM - Dr. Jennifer Grant, Assistant Director, NYS IPM Program Congratulations to Don, Laura, Sarah and Jennifer on their well-deserved awards.  Thank you to the awards committee for getting these awards submitted.
  • Award for Outstanding Accomplishments in Extension/Outreach: Arthur M. Agnello, Department of Entomology, for his work as an extension entomologist working with stakeholders, fruit growers, and others in New York and beyond. Congratulations Art!!!
  • Congratulations to Ann Hajek who was selected as the International Organization for Biological Control NRS Distinguished Scientist for 2011. This award is based on your lifetime achievements and contributions in researching, facilitating, implementing, and promoting the field of biological control. Thanks to Tony Shelton and the Awards Committee for putting together this nomination.
  • Congratulations to Susan Villarreal who just won a "Best Student oral presentation" award at the 13th International Meeting on Invertebrate Sound and Vibration for her talk entitled "1 pulse, 2 pulsp, 3 pulse, 4: Acoustic communication in a dueting katydid, Scudderia pistillata".
Villani Award
Congratulations to Xiaozhao (Swecy) Song, the 2011 Michael Villani Graduate Student Award recipient!