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Awards and Honors


Congratulations to all of our Undergraduate and Graduate students who will be at Convocation this weekend! This is an exciting time and a great accomplishment on your part. We wish you the best on your future endeavors.

Graduate Students 
Evan Hoki – MS, Entomology
Monica Kersch-Becker – PhD, Entomology
Margarita Lopez-Uribe – PhD, Entomology
Mia Park – PhD, Entomology
Luci Kavi – MS, Entomology

Undergraduate Students
Hope Batcheller – BS (Entomology and Biological Sciences)
Tate Lavitt – BS (Entomology)
Jun Lee- BS (Entomology and Biological Sciences)
Tessa Lessord- BS (Entomology)
Kevin Moran- BS (Entomology)
Brett Morgan- BS (Entomology and Plant Sciences)
Stephan Pecylak- BS (Entomology and Biological Sciences)
Giuseppe Tuminello- BS (Entomology and Biological Sciences)

Student and Post Doc Awards:

  • Kristen Brochu has been awarded as the Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant for CALS
  • Heather Connelly won first place at ESA in the graduate student 10 minute paper competition
  • Aloy Gu was awarded best poster at the annual Department Symposium held by the Jugatae Club
  • Sara Hermann won first place at ESA in the graduate student 10 minute paper competition
  • Sarah Jandricic won second place at ESA in the graduate student 10 minute paper competition
  • Xiaowei Li won the PhD oral competition at the 2014 Eastern Branch meeting of the Entomological Society of America in Williamsburg VA
  • Brett Morgan has been awarded Academic Excellence for CALS
  • Erin Morris won the 2013 USDA-AFRI Student Travel Grant at ESA
  • Mia Park won the 2013 USDA-AFRI Student Travel Grant at ESA
  • Stephen Pecylak has been awarded Academic Excellence for CALS
  • Erik Smith won second place at ESA in the graduate student 10 minute paper competition.  Eric also won best talk at the annual Department Symposium held by the Jugatae Club
  • Michael Wolfin has been selected as the 2014 winner of the George G. Gyrisco Graduate Student Award in Applied Entomology. This award consists of $1000 that will be put into an account in support of his research.   Congratulations!!
  • Michael Wolfin has been awarded the Michael Villani Award this year for Geneva Graduate Students.  This award consists of $1000 and will be used to help with his research efforts.  

Faculty Awards

  • Ron Gardner, the coordinator of the Pesticide Safety Education Program, in the Pesticide Management Education Program (PMEP) received the Emmett R. Gauhn Memorial Award, which is the NYS Association for Food Protection's  highest honor, at their 2013 Annual Conference held in Syracuse in September.  The Executive Board makes this award in memory of the Association's first president and they recognized Ron for his outstanding service to this organization during his 30-year career at Cornell.  
  • Peter Jentsch has been named superintendent of the Hudson Valley Laboratory.  Congratulations!
  • John Losey has been selected as the Eastern Branch nominee for the ESA Distinguished Award in Extension.  
  • Tony Shelton was recently notified that his 10-member team will be awarded the Entomological Society National IPM Team Award at the ESA National Meeting. Congratulations to all.  The Risk Assessment of Bt Plants on Beneficial Non-target Arthropods (NTA) IPM Team members include Jörg Romeis (Agroscope, Switzerland), Anthony Shelton (Cornell, USA), Steve Naranjo (USDA-ARS, USA), Richard Hellmich (USDA-ARS, USA), Morven McLean (Center for Environmental Risk Assessment, USA), Alan Raybould (Syngenta, UK), Marco Candolfi (Innovative Environmental Services, Switzerland), Jian Duan (USDA-ARS, USA), Joseph Huesing (Purdue, USA), Raymond Layton (Pioneer Hi-Bred, USA).
  • Kyle Wickings is a new Assistant Professor in Soil Arthropod Ecology and we would like to Welcome him to the Department.
  • Dan Wixted, Extension Support Specialist for PMEP, was recognized for his outstanding contribution to pesticide safety education by the American Association of Pesticide Safety Educators at this year’s meeting.  He was honored as an AAPSE Fellow which “is the highest recognition bestowed by AAPSE.”  Fellows are nominated because of their superior achievement in research; education; public service; personal achievement; recognition; and service; and have a minimum of 10 years of AAPSE membership.