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M.S and Ph.D

  Nicholas Aflitto





Lindsay Baxter




Cierra Briggs

Despite the majority of my time at Cornell overlapping with the Covid-19 pandemic, I have greatly cherished my time here.  I am grateful for the opportunity I had to conduct research in the Nashville Zoo and for the friends I have made in the department along the way. I am now looking forward to my new role working primarily with ticks and biting midges as a Program Associate for the McDermott Livestock Entomology Lab at the University of Arkansas. 


 Mervin Cuadera

My experience as a graduate student in Entomology has been fantastic. I’ve made so many wonderful friends and colleagues here, and I couldn’t ask for better support during my stay. It felt really easy to interact with other faculty and graduate students, especially during the department-sponsored events. I will certainly miss the place. After graduation, I plan on working in public health, with a focus on vector-borne diseases and epidemiology


Jamie Freeman



 John McMullen

My time as a graduate student in Entomology was such a defining moment in my life and career; not only was I able to grow as a scientist, but I also was able to grow as a person and was able to learn so much from my amazing friends and mentors, both within and outside the department. Currently, I am a postdoc at Indiana University Bloomington working on the legume-rhizobia symbiosis to understand trade-offs in the dynamic lifestyle of rhizobia, as they move between associating with their plant host and a free-living phase in the soil.

Kate Thornburg