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Chang Chen

As a transfer student, the experience at Cornell Entomology was pretty impressive for me. It was here that I was able to find out my interest in digging out biological meaningful data underlying the object as insects. And proceeding on my journey towards biological data analysis at the University of Washington in my following graduate study. Finally, I cannot express enough thanks to my advisor Dr Katja Poveda for her continued support and encouragement and I offer my sincere appreciation for the learning and research opportunities provided by Dr John Losey. 




Philip Danziger

William Kandalaft

Nadya Kandel

Zoe Kim

Alan Liang

My time in Cornell Entomology has really expanded my knowledge in many different areas of entomology and given me valuable hands-on laboratory experience. While it has been a challenging journey, the faculty here truly care about the success of their students and it has been a very rewarding experience overall. I am currently undecided on my future plans after graduation.


Brian Liang

My experience at Cornell Entomology has been incredibly unique and rewarding. The Entomology courses gave me some of my best memories of my time at Cornell, such as the insect collection assignment for the intro course. I'm currently undecided about my plans after graduation. 



Not Pictured: Sabrina Celis & Javier Rodriguez