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The Entomology department has over 30 Faculty including adjunct and joint members from other Cornell Departments.

Faculty Spotlight

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Hayden Bock

Hayden Bock

Research Interests: I have always been interest in how very small changes can have cascading effects that alter many aspects of an ecosystem. My research interests are broad, but I am mainly interested in soil ecology, nutrient cycling and tritrophic interactions in ecosystems. As an undergrad I split my time between a root ecology lab and a plant-insect interaction lab. In the former I focused on how root morphologies and mycorrhizal associations of trees influence nutrient cycling in temperate forests, and in the latter I studied how above- and belowground spatial complexity in agroecosystems modifies arthropod diversity, soil health and weed competition. As a graduate student I hope to mesh these past experiences and learn new skills as I investigate the role nutrient sources and gradients play in structuring tri-trophic interactions and biodiversity in ecosystems.