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Charles Linn

Charles Linn

Senior Research Associate

324 Barton Laboratory, Geneva
(315) 787-2319

My position as Senior Research Associate II serves to bring a level of expertise in Insect Behavior to the Chemical Ecology program in the Entomology Department. A fundamental responsibility is to design and conduct a multidisciplinary, collaborative,research program that allows, as a PI or Co-PI, for sustained funding for the behavior/neuroethology studies. Our research program has both basic and applied aspects, studying basic processes involved in olfaction, and the development of monitoring and control tools for agriculture.

Research Focus

Insect Behavior and Chemical Communication Systems. Current projects include: I) Defining host fruit volatile blends for different parasitoid wasps that specialize on different Rhagoletis pomonella fly populations (funded by NSF, in collaboration with Jeff Feder, Notre Dame University); II) testing a protocol for rapid identification of cryptic Rhagoletis flies infesting different host fruit in the western U.S. to determine whether R. pomonella is infesting domestic apples in that region (funded by USDA AFRI, in collaboration with Notre Dame and the USDA lab in Yakima, WA); III) identifying host plant volatiles used by specialist and generalist moth species, testing a model for host specialization (funded by USDA-AFRI, in collaboration with Greg Loeb); IV) identifying volatiles from the surface of plant tissues (shoots and fruit) that are produced by mibrobial agents and contributing to the volatile profile used by insects for host location (funded by USDA, FFF); V) identifying below ground volatiles and their sources that are involved in insect herbivory (USDA in collaboration with Kyle Wickings).

Outreach and Extension Focus

I serve on the department committee to oversee activities of graduate students serving as Extension Outreach Associates.

Teaching Focus

I participate in a team taught course in chemical ecology and give guest lectures in insect behavior and insect physiology.

Awards and Honors

  • Outstanding Career Accomplishment Award (2017) College of agriculture and life sciences, Cornell

Selected Publications

Journal Publications