Cole Gilbert

Cole Gilbert


6136 Comstock
(607) 255-8152

Research Focus

My research focuses on the neural mechanisms of behavior in arthropods. We ask questions about how the nervous system integrates sensory information, primarily visual, auditory, and proprioceptive, to produce adaptive behaviors. Moreover, several projects in the lab take an evolutionary approach to the function of sense organs.

Teaching Focus

I co-teach the Comparative Physiology course each spring 2013-2015.

I teach an introductory level course on insect biology in even fall semesters.

I teach in the Evolution & Biodiversity course. My responsibility is about a third of the course covering the Tree of Life. I teach in alternate years.

I a two-week module with lab in an upper level course on insect physiology in odd spring semesters.

Awards and Honors

  • Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Teaching (2010) State University of New York

Selected Publications

Journal Publications