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Fatimah Alghanim

Research Interests: My name is Fatimah ALghanim and I am from Saudi Arabia. I am a first year PhD student in the Microbiology Department and work in the laboratory of Pr Buchon. I am interested in identifying microbial genes that underlie host microbe relationships. I focus on using microbial genetics and genomics to identify the bacterial activities that influence microbial colonization, growth and pathogenesis. I use Drosophila as a powerful model that allows to dissect the interactions between host and microbial genes in an integrative framework. My work includes the study of bacterial virulence in a model of sepsis and the identification of genes that differ between probiotic strains and related pathobionts. One of my goals is to understand how immune homeostasis is maintained in the intestines, as such discoveries would have broad implications for the development of therapeutics and prophylactics for many inflammatory diseases.

I also love teaching and was a lecturer in Saudi Arabia. In addition, I worked as a biology teacher in the New York Academy of Science and I am a member of the American Society of Microbiology.