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Hayley Schroeder

Research Interests: B.S. Ecology, B.S.E.S. Entomology, University of Georgia (2018). For nearly five years my research has
focused largely on the monarch butterfly-milkweed system where I have investigated the role of
milkweed in monarch disease transmission, migratory propensity, and diapause induction. My
honors thesis project examined the role of environmental cues in mediating monarch metabolic
rate, which could have implications for migratory success. In my graduate work, I propose to
examine butterfly-plant interactions more broadly by quantifying the impacts of agricultural land use
and habitat restoration on prairie butterflies and their ecological communities. By examining shifts in
butterfly-plant interactions across natural, disturbed and restored sites I hope to improve scientific
understanding of the ecological role butterflies play and inform management strategies for
conservation and restoration