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Jennifer Thaler

Jennifer Thaler


4138 Comstock Hall
(607) 255-7064

I study the ecological interactions between plants, herbivores, and carnivores in wild and agricultural Solanaceous plant species. My approach focuses on understanding behavioral and phytochemical mechanisms of such tri-trophic interactions, testing theory on the organization of multi-trophic communities, and generating novel strategies to control insect pests.

Research Focus

Dr. Thaler’s research goals are to develop a predictive framework for understanding the complex interactions that occur between plant and insect species. Studies of fundamental ecological processes, in both agricultural and wild systems, can provide insight into controlling insect pests and understanding the natural world. Thaler’s research focuses on ecological interactions between plants, herbivores, and carnivores in agricultural and wild Solanaceous plants. Current research projects focus on understanding the non-consumptive effects of predators on prey and understanding how plants integrate their defenses against multiple attackers.

Teaching Focus

I teach three undergraduate courses, Insect Ecology, Chemical Ecology and Ecology and the Environment. I also co-teach a graduate seminar in Plant-insect Interactions every semester.

Selected Publications

Journal Publications