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Mervin Cuadera

Research Interest: I attended the University of Maryland - College Park intending to focus on human genetics but became passionate about mosquito research soon (then insects in general) after I became a lab technician responsible for rearing Culex pipiens mosquitoes. Throughout college, I have been researching the basis of host preference for this particular mosquito, given how some subpopulations prefer different hosts. This research experience inspired me to learn more about mosquitoes and other disease vectors, specifically strategies related to managing vector-borne diseases. It also inspired me to become someone that could bridge the gap between technical research in vector-borne disease biology and the general public. Someday, I would like to contribute my experience here back to my home country, the Philippines, where the fight against mosquito-borne disease is still going strong. In my spare time, some of the activities I like doing include writing/ playing original songs, watching foreign films, and learning new languages.