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Nicolas Buchon

Nicolas Buchon

Assistant Professor

5124 Comstock Hall
(607) 280-1616

My laboratory uses the genetic model Drosophila melanogaster to study the host response to indigenous and pathogenic microbes using genomics, functional genetics and systems-level approaches. We focus on the integration of immune , growth and repair mechanisms. In addition, we study intestinal physiology, and focus on how intestinal stem cells integrate signals from their environment, including nutrients, stress, or metabolites from the microbiota

Research Focus

Our lab is interested in understanding Host-Microbe relationships and the genetic network that governs the host response to microbes. Our goal is to integrate the immune response per se with mechanisms employed by the host to repair the infectious damage in an integrative model. The main focus of our work is to characterize the host mechanisms that control intestinal homeostasis in response to infectious and resident microbes. In addition, we want to understand how microbes can alter intestinal homeostasis and give rise to pathologies of gut origin such as intestinal immune disorders or cancers. Finally we aim to characterize the spatial complexity of the gastro-intestinal system, and we study how gut regions are established and maintained and how regional variations in intestinal physiology are relevant to health and disease. We emphasize coupling between genomics, functional genetics, cell biology and systems level approaches (computation and theory) and use the fruit fly as our main model system.

Teaching Focus

I teach two primary courses. One is a course of insect physiology shared with Angela Douglas. The second is a course of comparative immunology: innate immunity in action.

Selected Publications

Journal Publications