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Peter Jentsch

Peter Jentsch

Senior Extension Associate

G01 Cornell University's Hudson Valley Laboratory
(845) 691-6516

Research and extension IPM programming focused on newly developed pest management tools on native and invasive insect pest complex of vegetable, grape, small fruit and pome fruit.

Research Focus

Research emphasis will focus on the use of reduced risk approaches and economic alternatives to improved insect pest management on pome fruit, grape and onion, and the use of biological control agents for management of phytophagous mite and invasive insect complex in fruit and vegetable commodities.

Outreach and Extension Focus

Continue producer outreach in advances of newly developed pest management tools, application timing of insecticides with unique modes of action, and reduced risk alternative technologies such as attract and kill, mating disruption, organic insect pest management and biological control conservation.

The mission of my extension program is to establish close working relationships with regional growers, stakeholders, agrichemical industry representatives, agricultural research and extension personnel within the pome fruit, vegetable and grape industry. Working together with these groups to develop insect pest management strategies that will be efficacious and cost effective, conserving biological control agents with emphasis on the mite predatory complex, while paying close attention to the perceptions of, and dialoging with, the non-agricultural community in Eastern NY as is needed to maintain a positive working relationship and address concerns of the ‘neighboring’ public.
Extension efforts have included contracting with Polycom Corporation to establish a budget, hardware and software packages for the recent Hudson Valley Laboratory video conferencing installation for use by the HVL extension team. This equipment allows faculty to conduct point-to-point workshops with faculty and staff in Ithaca, Geneva, and extension sites throughout NYS, enhancing the educational outreach to the fruit growing community. Extension efforts also included the construction of the new Hudson Valley Laboratory web site, incorporating new text and photography, updated faculty and staff images and regional agricultural landscapes. The site now permits dissemination of entomological and pest management documents to our constituents through PDF, PowerPoint and web linked sources. Video extension resources of insect biology and pest management recommendations for Hudson Valley apple production will be posted on the program highlights page for grower access.
Working directly with agrichemical industry representatives, CCE regional and state extension staff, I have, by request, made presentations to stakeholders, private industry groups and producers, to both in-state and out-of-state audiences. These include presentations to researchers and regional fruit growers on insect biology and control advances from 1994-2009 at the annual Hudson Valley Commercial Fruit Schools, Kingston, NY; Lake Champlain Fruit School in Lake Champlain, NY; Long Island Fruit and Vegetable School in Riverhead, NY. I assist the CCE Fruit Educator in digital computer presentation development yearly. I have given presentations to meetings at the Eastern Branch Entomological Society of America, research and extension specialists at the NY, NE, Can. Fruit Research Mtg., Burlington. VT., research and extension specialists at the Great Lakes Fruit Workers meetings in Niagara Falls, Canada and research entomologists at the Cumberland-Shenandoah Fruit Meeting, Winchester, VA.

I have participated in the region-wide introduction, monitoring and yearly evaluations of the establishment and spread of the biological control mite predator Galendromus pyri ( = Typhlodromus pyri) into commercial orchards throughout the Hudson Valley on an experimental basis. This included extension education to apple 'fruit stand' clientele of pesticide reductions relating to biological control measures. We went on to establish and direct the regional biological control implementation program beginning spring 2001 with field and formal workshops. We are presently monitoring codling moth populations for reduced susceptibility to the organophosphate insecticides throughout NY State and have presented our findings at the Lake Champlain and Hudson Valley fruit schools..

Extension outreach to homeowners: I continue to write entomologically relevant articles concerning regional insect activity for the Middletown Record and Poughkeepsie Journal, regional newspapers, the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) website on insects of regional interest, on a seasonal basis.

Teaching Focus

Newly developed insecticide modes of action, thermal unit accumulation for degree day predictive modeling, use of pheromone for insect identification, monitoring and disruption.

Selected Publications

Journal Publications

Research Reports

  • Jentsch, P. J. (2016). 2016 Results of Insecticide and Acaricide Studies in Eastern New York. Cornell Universitys Hudson Valley Laboratory Pub. # HV2014.

Presentations and Activities

  • IFTA Travel Log – Washington State Apple Production Update. 2016 Commercial Tree Fruit School. February 2016. CCE/ENYCHP. Kingston, NY .
  • General Insect Management ; Tree Decline and Collapse from Dogwood and Black Stem Borer. Long Island Agricultural Forum . January 2016. CCE. Suffolk County Community College; Eastern Campus, Riverhead, New York .
  • Emerging Insect Problems On Tree Fruit In Eastern New York. Long Island Agricultural Forum . January 2015. CCE. Suffolk County Community College; Eastern Campus, Riverhead, New York .
  • Developing Pest Thresholds for Managing the Invasive Brown Marmorated Stink Bug, Halyomorpha halys (Stål): (Pentatomidae) In NY Tree Fruit. ARDP Research Presentation. November 2014. NY State Ag. & Mkts.. Geneva, NY.
  • Surveying the BMSB in New York State. Northeast IPM Brown Marmorated Stink Bug Working Group meeting. November 2011. Alson H. Smith Research and Extension Center, Virginia Agriculture Experiment Station, . Winchester, VA .
  • Strategies for using Cyazypyr on pear psylla in NY pear orchards. Northeast Tree Fruit Insect Control Experts Meeting . October 2011. DuPont Stine-Haskell Research Facility. Newark, Del. .
  • Efficacy of Volium Flexi and Volium Express on Tree Fruit Arthropd Complexon Tree Fruit Arthropd Complex. Fruit and Vegetable Technical Information Exchange: New Product Release. March 2011. Syngenta Agrichemical . Inn at Glenora Wine Cellars.