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Scott McArt

Assistant Professor

4132 Comstock
(607) 255-1377

Research Focus

Research in my lab focuses on the ecology of plant-pollinator interactions in natural and managed systems. We use tools from chemical and molecular ecology to assess how pesticides and pathogens impact pollinator health, ecology and the delivery of pollination services. Current research projects include: 1) Combining empirical data with network modeling to understand pathogen transmission in plant-pollinator networks, 2) Evaluating the relative importance of multiple factors (pesticides, pathogens, diet, landscape variables) on bumble bee and honey bee colony performance, 3) Assessing the impact of fungicides on bumble bee and honey bee health and performance, and 4) Understanding how pesticides and pathogens influence the delivery of pollination services to agriculturally important NY crops.

Teaching Focus

As a Research Scientist, I have no formal teaching commitments. However, I love to teach and lead a bi-weekly 'Pollinator Reading Group' that is open to undergraduates, graduate students, postdocs and faculty. The focus of the reading group is discussion of current literature, research plans and happenings related to pollinators at Cornell and elsewhere. I give regular guest lectures on pollinators and other topics and administer our pollinator list serve (

Selected Publications

Journal Publications