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Silas Bossert

Advisor: Dr. Bryan Danforth

Research Interests

I am passionate about insect biology and systematics and I have a particularly strong interest in bees. My research interests are in line with this passion; I primarily focus on the phylogeny and systematics of bees using molecular and morphological methods. Specifically, I use newly developed hybrid-based targeted enrichment methods to capture hundreds to thousands of ultraconserved elements (UCEs) from published genomes and non-model taxa. I am keen to apply diverse phylogenetic methodologies, especially contrasting concatenation and coalescent-based species tree methods, as well as using species trees to conduct ancestral state reconstructions and biogeographical hypothesis testing. Besides my methodological focus, I am highly interested in historical and present-day bee faunistics, changing species compositions and cryptic species. My taxonomic emphasis mainly addresses the diverse Nomiinae (Halictidae), as well as bumblebees (Bombus, Apidae).