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Faculty Advising

Incoming freshmen and transfer students enrolled in the Entomology major are assigned to a CALS faculty advisor, who helps them plan their academic curriculum. Students are matched with a faculty member whose area of specialization parallels their career interests. The areas of specialized expertise of individual CALS faculty members affiliated with the Entomology major include:

  • conservation of rare insect species; insect "services" (e.g., pollinations, pest suppression); agroecology; integrated pest management
  • integrated pest management of trees and shrubs; host-plant preferences; ecology and behavior of insect herbivores; invasive species
  • quantitative and molecular genetics of ecologically important traits in insect populations
  • apiculture; honey bee social behavior
  • morphology; phylogeny; systematics; behavior, evolution of primitive bees
  • chemical ecology; insect-plant interactions; plant defense; ecology and evolution of swallowtail butterflies
  • neurophysiological mechanisms of behavior; sensory guidance; evolution; general entomology
  • invertebrate pathology; biology and epizootiology of fungal pathogens affecting insects, and their use for pest control
  • medical entomology; mosquito biology; vector-borne disease ecology
  • integrated pest management, with an emphasis on biological control
  • aquatic entomology; behavior, population, and community ecology of stream insects
  • animal behavior; behavioral ecology; social behavior and predation; spider biology; behavioral aspects of chemical ecology
  • ecology of insect communities and populations; insect-plant interactions
  • biology, ecology, and management of arthropod pests of livestock and poultry; veterinary entomology
  • integrated pest management; biological control; agricultural acarology; biology and management of greenhouse-crop pests
  • biochemistry; genetics, and evolution of insecticide resistance; gene regulation; insecticide neurotoxicology and metabolism
  • pest management; population dynamics; systems ecology
  • insect pest management; insect-plant interactions; plant resistance to insects
  • insect taxonomy; fungus-beetle associations; taxonomy in biodiversity study and conservation